Carrier ComfortPro Li-Ion Electric APU



The Comfort Pro electric auxiliary power unit (APU) equipped with lithium-ion batteries (250ION) leverages advanced Li-ion technology to deliver superior performance compared to traditional electric APUs in terms of runtime and battery lifespan. This system offers quiet, emissions-free operation and requires minimal maintenance.

Utilizing proprietary power-management technology, two lithium-ion batteries outperform four AGM batteries by providing up to 17 hours of continuous air conditioning under specific real-world conditions, setting a new benchmark for electric APU runtime. This represents double the runtime of certain competing models and a 50% increase compared to our AGM-battery model, while simultaneously reducing APU weight by 26%.

The advanced lithium-ion batteries are purpose-built for APU applications, offering exceptional power density and durability. They charge at an accelerated rate and experience less power degradation over time when compared to conventional batteries. Furthermore, these batteries are backed by a five-year warranty, ensuring worry-free performance that outlasts certain fleet trade cycles.

Implementing the Comfort Pro APU leads to immediate fuel savings and compliance with anti-idling regulations upon activation, following the shutdown of the truck engine.

In addition, the Comfort Pro  APU requires minimal maintenance due to its reduced number of moving parts compared to diesel APUs, resulting in decreased maintenance expenses.

Moreover, the lithium-ion Comfort Pro APU delivers a lower total cost of ownership in comparison to a diesel APU, thereby ensuring a faster return on investment.